13 year old Dreya’s Dream GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

This is my daughter, Dreya. I am her Mom. Dreya is 13 years old and has a spunky personality. She is sweet, sensitive and sassy. She has been cheering for five years with our club and absolutely loves the sport. She has worked her way up from a youth level one team to a senior level three team and is practicing multiple times per week. She would love to do some private sessions soon as well.

She enjoys cheer so much she’s trying to start a team at her middle school! They have never had a team before. She enjoys sharing her skills with others and is in her third year of being a junior coach. She was the youngest junior coach to be nominated for Coach in Training of the year last year. 

 Her current goal is to make it to The One Cheer & Dance Finals 2019.

Her team won Gold and a bid last year at a National Level Competition to attend this invitation only event . This event is held in April 2019 so our fundraising goal of January 2019.

Dreya has tirelessly participated in car washes, grocery bagging, pie selling, ticket selling, BBQ and any other fundraisers that come her way and has raised $1800 to cover her cheer fees for the year here at home. However, if you add a trip it just isn’t feasible for me alone. I’ve not tried this route before so let’s see how this goes!

Funds raised will be used for flights (~$1500 round trip and hotel ~$100/night).

I really appreciate you reading my story and taking the time to support people in need through Go Fund Me. It’s a great platform to help.

If you would like to support Dreya in her cheer dreams that would be lovely but I do realize that there are many other people out there that could use the money more than us and if you choose to support them I think that is awesome too! We all struggle with different things at different times in our lives.

Let’s continue to support each other through this life as we only pass this way once. 

We all have dreams. Mine? To meet Ellen.

But I’ll save that for another day. Just kidding, I’m not setting up a page for that. 

Cheers! Have a great day and thanks for your time.

Danielle (MOM) of Dreya



For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/65efyko