SeaJay StartUp Capital for #1 YouTube Channel GoFundME Campaign

  Hello. I am trying to raise money to buy equipment to start a YouTube channel. I believe I can make a enjoyable career in doing so and want to put out the best videos for the YouTube community. I am already working overtime at my current job putting close to 60 hours a week in. Your donations are much ...

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GOFUNDME my best friend in need

My best friend in need; my best friend was in a business trip and got in car accident on the way to the airport has head trauma and need spina surgery, need to pay for treatment to be able to come back to the USA.. Please bring him back..

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Start up cost for Storage Business GoFundMe Campaign

I’m wanting and trying to start a Self storage Facility. this is my first time trying a business venture. I do not have any capital. i am trying to get a Small Business Loan. But I have nothing of value for collateral. My area is in a population growth right now. And a self storage facility would be a great ...

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