URGENT – Time Sensitive

Urgent: ”With Press Releases, Timing Is Everything, And The Time Is NOW!”

We just wanted to send each of our customers a quick note to let them know that we have seen a drastic increase in demand for story ideas from the media. I am not sure of the reason, but media response to our releases has virtually tripled recently! It may be because the heat wave has decreased the amount of news available or maybe there is less war news to report.

For whatever reason, the response that we are able to track on our own has recently tripled. We have not seen such a dramatic increase in demand for story ideas in years. Years ago, before all of the wars and conflict in the world, we would see slow news days all the time, and learned early on how to take advantage of them. In such periods, journalists actively consider running with stories that might not normally be considered “newsworthy,” and at the same time, their response to stories that are actually newsworthy increases tremendously.

These windows of opportunity can be very short, and tend to close rapidly and without warning. It is clearly a case of needing to strike while the iron is hot, and it’s blazing right now! Who knows when the next big stories will hit and dominate the news.