Letters to the Soul by Seanna Smallwood Advocate Against Domestic Violence

This book ADVOCATES FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Survivors and helps heal WOMEN & CHILDREN. The mission is to get the book in the hands of SURVIVORS before they become VICTIMS – wake them up and EMPOWER them to change their life and the lives of their You. “The ego is nothing more than a process by which the conscious and unconscious ...

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Help me make someone’s life better GoFundME ViralExposure

Help me make someone’s life better! A close friend of mine lost her car and I’m campaigning to get her car back for her.. I’m trying to raise money for a certain person that means alot to me that lost something important to them.. they need this to get there car back! Please help me raise money for this emergency!! ...

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Stand For Something Life needs to achieve Nonprofit status GoFundMe

  Stand For Something Life needs to achieve Nonprofit status so that we can address the criminal justice reform issue with real clear solutions that are tried and true proven to reduce crime and recidivism. How do I know this program works? I lived it! I was in and out of prison for over 2 decades, and I beat all ...

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