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I am just a mom trying to survive in this world with a very special boy.
We’ve been through the ringer with all sorts of lovely things thrown at us, but that is okay!
I need to help my child fit back in this world, cause he’s been bullied out of society by the public. He’s too hard. So they don’t want him.
Other than my loving folks help, we get no services from the government and we aren’t alone, there are thousands of families.
So I’d like to change that and help others in my community by opening a place for people with special needs to go to daily.
In addition, our family until literally a week ago have been affected by the housing crisis of Canada. Not due to lack of income, but a an actual housing shortage. In my search for a home to call our own, I came up with this idea here and after speaking with community futures they suggested I do crowd funding for my idea will help so many people. Help them feel valued and wanted. This is needed in my community and other areas all around this province.
Please have a look at what I am trying to do.
Thank you so very much.