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Is it fair that a child should have to worry about bills? My friend Israel’s daughter does just that. She just hasn’t been able to live as a teenager should be able to. At 17 she hasn’t gotten her drivers license because the money just isn’t there for the classes, the insurance and extra expenses. She should be able to get clothes and go fun places but the money just isn’t there. She worries about all this and all the expenses they have incurred –and has been so worried about her last grandmother. She can’t go see her and they are not having a Christmas like a kid should get. She isn’t even asking for anything because she knows it can’t happen. Normally they go back to Canada for the holidays but they can’t do that, and Israel’s daughter won’t be able to see her grandma. Seeing all that her mom suffered with, her grandma’s illness has her extremely worried.

Israel Demeunelaere was a loving and caring husband that cared for his wife Barb (pictured above) at home until her passing just a few years ago. She left behind a beautiful intelligent daughter and a massive amount of debt. Israel has been dealing with the struggle of medical bill debt totaling more than $145,000 that he and his daughter have been left with. He is a hard working man recently securing a new job that gave him a pay increase. He lives modestly only barely being able to provide the very basics for himself and his teen daughter. But when you have bills, loans and expenses surpassing a hard earned income it becomes an immense hardship. He has exhausted all other avenues of help throughout the years he was caring for Barb.

While trying to deal with those bills and trying to survive the stress of the past few years, his generous heart pushed him to tend to another member of his family. His mother in Canada is currently undergoing breast cancer recovery treatment. Her doctors have advised that she undergo radiation therapy for the next six months in order to prevent the recurrence of the cancer. This is additional care that falls outside the normal governmental health program. Israel has been sending money to pay for this irregardless of his massive debt. She is not in a situation that will allow her to pay for this herself. Israel needs to immediately send the balance of money to this additional care program in Canada that is caring for his mother in order to continue this service for her recovery from breast cancer.

If you can find it in you heart to give assistance Israel would be tremendously grateful. He wants nothing more than to be able to provide comfort and healing to his mother. Having gone through all of this closely with his late wife he knows the pain, worry, and illness that comes with trying to heal.

When you are the type of person that cares and loves someone so closely, you strive to help any way you can , yet you shouldn’t have to be the one left suffering. Israel has reached the end of his options. He has considered selling his home to clear the debt but doesn’t want to take away the life that he and his daughter have established here. Israel shouldn’t have to be feeling so defeated for just trying to ease the suffering his mother is going through. If this hurdle can be crossed then he can continue forward with tackling the rest of his debt.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated–$5, $10… The current payment of $1000 is due immediately to continue his mother’s care program. He has received several calls from this in-home care service that they are needed payment or else the care and assistance will stop. This is an urgent matter for his mother!


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/6hksphs