The Whispers in the Wind GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

In mid summer 2005, I was struck by lightning and I died. I had what is called a Near Death Experience. After my experience, I wrote my experience in the form of poems and prose. This book is titled ” The Whispers of the Wind. ” It is a book of poetry which contain messages and beautiful artwork about what lies beyond this life and the ultimate love that awaits us. This is a republish of a book that I had originally published back in 2007 but had so little knowledge about writing and publishing a book. I had only published 125 copies and it was never meant for wide distribution. At the time, it was only meant to be given to family and friends as gifts. Since then , I have written and published several more poems and proses to be added to the book as well as new original art work to also be added. I have since written and published another book entitled, A Song In The Wind, A Near Death Experience which is a book about two of my Near Death Experiences and my subsequent spiritual journey. These books go hand and hand as you will find the stories behind many of the poems in A Song In The Wind.

The money that I am trying to raise is for publication , artwork 2000.00 and marketing of the book.3000.00.

The reason I am running this campaign is because I am permanently disabled as a result of a previous accident and the lightning strike only complicated the issue.
It is hard for me to ask for help like this but I am eternally grateful for your kindness and your generosity in helping me get this book published.
As a Near Death Experiencer I feel like it’s part of the reason God sent me back, I feel that there may be some message or some poem that brings someone closer to God or may help heal at least one person’s heart. If that’s the only thing this book ever does, then it was worth re publishing it. Thank you