Voyager Smart: The World’s Most Functional Smart Wallet KickStarter Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

Almost every one of us has forgotten our wallets at restaurants, offices, shops or even at our own houses only to lose them eventually forever. Millions of people lose their wallets every year, some unlucky ones have been a victim of wallet theft too. Losing your wallet is always an agonizing experience. The loss of valuable cash, the arduous task of cancelling of credit/debit cards & re-applying for government IDs cards can now be avoided thanks to Voyager Smart Wallet. Curious much? Read on to know more.

We believe that the key to Smart Wallet design lies in retaining the look and feel of a traditional leather wallet while integrating technology in an unobtrusive manner and that’s exactly what we have achieved with the Voyager Smart Wallet. Designed to integrate Chipolo® Smart Chip technology, that syncs with your phone, the Voyager Smart Wallet works seamlessly out of the box.


Voyager connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth to send you instant notifications.

Once you connect Voyager to your phone, the Chipolo app – available on Android and iOS will continuously monitors your wallet activity!

Forgot Your Wallet – The Walli App sends out a notification on your phone once you get too far from it.

Find Voyager – Press a button on the app and if the wallet is nearby will start to ring.

Find Your Phone – If you can’t find your phone and if your phone is within range (<100ft), then a simple double tap on your wallet will set an alarm off on your phone even if it’s on silent mode.

Last Known Location – The App remembers the last known location of the wallet in case you miss the notification. You can track it down and navigate back to the place where you lost it.

Selfies – Need help taking a group selfie? Simply double tap the wallet!

But, Voyager isn’t just about Smart Technology it’s about clever functional design too. Need a wallet to fit in a Pen, Passport/Passport size booklet, flight boarding pass, cards, all international currencies, sim card & sim tool yet fitting right into your pocket?

Look no further than the Voyager Smart Wallet, which is designed to meet all your carrying needs. Handcrafted with Premium Fine Grain leather, the wallet is delightful to hold too.

Accidentally left your wallet at your house/office/restaurant/coffee shop? Here’s a wallet that comes to its own rescue! Now get a notification on your smartphone as soon as your wallet gets separated from you. Voila, no more lost wallets!


The video below will demonstrate the notification you will receive if you once your Voyager has been separated from you.

Sometimes, smartphones have the same tendency as wallets to play hide and seek. This inconvenience is made worse when your smartphone is on silent and no amount of calls help.

Now with the Voyager Smart wallet, just double press the wallet and your phone rings, even when it is it has been placed on silent mode.

The video below will demonstrate how you can use your Smart Wallet to find your phone, quickly and easily.

Right now, you’re probably wondering about this particular loophole: what if you lose both your phone and wallet? Just login to your Chipolo account from any phone, tablet or computer and see where you last left them. Even if you’re countries apart, it’ll show you exactly where your phone or your wallet is.

The video below will demonstrate how you can use our Chipolo app to find your the last know location of your phone or wallet – no more panicking situations!

Can you really take a selfie with Voyager? Why not, it’s a Smart Wallet!

Open the Chipolo app on your smartphone, choose the selfie option & just double press on the bottom right portion of the wallet and say Cheese! Your wallet is your selfie remote and now, group selfies are fun and easy.

The video below will demonstrate how you can use your Voyager Smart Wallet to take the perfect selfie!


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The Voyager Smart Wallet fits effortlessly into your pockets. By structuring the wallet around the modern individual’s needs, we’ve focused on slimness and compactness, while maximizing on utility.

Now, no more fidgeting to take your cards out. Easily access your cards with our ergonomically designed thumb friendly vertical card slots.

We clutter our wallets with club cards, loyalty cards & other unused credit cards, now keep them out of sight in the rear card slots where it’s stored out of your sight but just a swipe away when you need it.

The wallet comes equipped with a passport sleeve, A SIM card and SIM tool slot, space for boarding passes & all international currencies.

With the integrated sleek metallic finish pen and passport sized booklet avoid the embarrassment of asking strangers for pen & paper.

Good things do come in small packages. All your travel needs securely stored & protected from loss, fitting right in your pocket. That’s the real beauty of Voyager’s Patented Design.

The Voyager Smart Wallet is made from the premium fine grain leather, sourced from our own tanneries. Created with attention to quality, detail, and style and not to mention, love.

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We, at Cuir Ally, are redefining the way you carry. Our products are designed around what it needs to carry and not the other way round. This ground up minimalistic design approach has helped us eliminate the clutter and focus on what’s important to give you products which speak for themselves. They speak of the countless hours that were spent on them to make them more functional, ergonomic and of course, better looking.

The Cuir Ally is manufactured in India at our own tanneries and with our main business hub now in London enabling us to distribute the Voyager Smart Wallet to the world quickly and easily

After successfully selling the beta Voyager Smart Wallet on our E-commerce website and gaining valuable product feedback we were able to improve the Voyager Smart Wallet greatly. This has now led us to confidently introduce Kickstarters to the final – new and improved – Voyager Smart Wallet. Through this campaign we are aiming to build our brand presence and use Kickstarters as our launch platform so that every customers around the world can touch, feel and experience the Voyager Smart Wallet.

So, come be our Ally, support us in building Cuir Ally into global luxury leather goods brand. When it comes to leather, we are your best Ally. That much we promise, now and always.


Risks and challenges

The Voyager Smart Wallet generated a phenomenal response during its initial beta phase of sales through our E-commerce website. Through our beta phase we able to perfect our procurement, manufacturing & delivery processes. We have also received valuable feedback from customers which helped us fine tune our product and also ensure that the Smart Chip technology works hassle free. After all this work and effort we can guarantee to our Kickstarters backers that they will receive their Voyager Smart Wallet on time with no problems.


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