Volkan Bozdik GoFundME Campaign Booster

My Story
My name is Volkan Bozdik
I born on July.01.1981
I started to work since high school.
My First USA Trip was to Grand Canyon, Arizona. I was a house keep and Waiter evening times. I went there with Work&Travel program when I was going to college.
I worked in many places such as Pizzerias and in a car dealership in Lakeland, FL.
I always wanted to own my own business so I did.
I opened my own company that imported Tiles and Natural stones for special projects and in retail market in Miami, FL.
The tile business was doing very well. I had a good life. The business grew so much so fast beyond my expectations! I was amazed and impress but my dream was to create a very unique shoe line for men as I enjoy shoes myself and had a collection of them.
As a business owner, I never lost my humble spirit and nobody could even tell I was a boss because I would be running around helping everyone even carrying Tile boxes to customer’s vehicles.
One time a customer asked me who is the owner of this business in which I replay “I’m the owner” and he tought I was kidding because I was carrying boxes and not asking my employees to do everything and I was friendly with my employees.
I couldn’t ask for more, I was happy and I was about to complete my dream of having my own shoe line! I was very excited! I made different designs and styles of men’s shoes and I was able to found a company in Turkey who was able to manufacture the shoes for me.
The accident
Everything was going great until disaster strikes! I was involved in a jet ski accident which nearly took my life away. According to witness, I crash in a wave next to a big boat and sank under water and Jet-ski dropped to My Head And they could not find me so I spend nearly 5 min under the water. When they found me, I was unconscious and not breathing. They had to revive me and I was sent by helicopter to the emergency room.
I lost everything including 80% of my memory. My family is the only who tells me my history and remind me of my life before the accident.
As for my business, because I was in coma in the hospital my family couldn’t run it I, it was basically closed down. Everything I had was sold to pay for all my medical expenses.
I may have lost everything but not my spirit, hopes and dreams.
What We need
As for my shoes business, the manufacture had already manufacture the shoes and was ready to ship. I had major retailers such as Marshalls, that loved the shoes as it is pure leather, high-quality, very unique and fashionable line of shoes. If I have in stock they are willing to order from me.
The funds I need it’s for my first shipment which is about 100K to import from Turkey to the USA.
Your contribution not only will help me to fulfill this order but will help us to write the history of the brand.
The Challenge
My dream became even bigger because not only I will help people in my condition with part of the shoes profits but also to show that even disable as they claim I am, I’m still able to raise from the ashes and built a business.
But to continue with the shoe production and to build the brand it will be more than the original asking funds but any help is very welcome
Other ways you can help
I believe in the power of people and maybe you are not able to financially contribute but I ask if you can please help us by sharing my story with your friends and family and also help us with your knowledge if you know about this business.

Thank you in advance for your help!