VietNam Vet and wife desperately need help! GoFundME Campaign

5 yrs ago Shirren had her first heart attack, I was trying to keep her from hitting the bath tub and we both went down, I destroyed what was left of an already bad back, that night ended both our jobs!

Shirren spent more time in the hospital for awhile then out. It took about 8 months to get any kind of insurance or income coming in and between hospital bills and trying to survive we lost our our 401k savings. Social Security has not been enough for us to catch up!

We don’t have enough money to get out of the driveway. It gets really depressing, especially when your not eating good food too. My mother is 90yro and only lives 3 hours from here and we can’t afford to go and see her either and now our transportation is about to die permanently! We cannot afford to be without transportation as my wife at any time can need to go to the hospital or all the Drs. she has to see all the time. If either of us could work, we would gladly do that to get out of this mess!

We have no options, this is hard for us to ask for money but we are coming into a desperate situation, where if it is a choice of transportation or rent, we will wind up homeless and my wife can’t survive that with her health like it is! Please help us with anything you can afford. You know if a lot of people just sent a little bit, 5-20 dollars, no one would be hurt but it would help us a lot!

Thank you for considering a donation to us and God bless all of you! Oh, and may all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!!

Love Carl and Shirren

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