VibePlayer: Feel the music in vibrations on your smart devices FREE IndieGoGo Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

Did you ever listen to a song and wonder what it feels like to physically feel it? What if you can feel the beats in a song? What if you can feel the guitar notes within another? This is what the VibePlayer project is all about. It allows you to feel audio files, e.g. songs, in vibrations on your smart device.

The VibePlayer project takes advantage of the Sensations Technology to allow the user to feel accurate vibration feedback for audio files such as songs and audio books. For example, a user can use the VibePlayer app to listen to a song, with the smart device vibrating to notes of a musical instrument within that song. This technology is different and it provides the accurate results needed for an enjoyable experience.

You can find a working demo at the Google Play store.