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Getting Married in Vegas.
After 12 years we have decided it was time to take advantage of an awesome opportunity when I received a trip to 2 to Vegas. We decided to get married and use the rest of the trip for an extreme adventure & action packed honeymoon for the rest of the trip .
Neither me or my fiance have never travelled together except day trips and family functions and need an extra memorable vacation and this was perfect. We are just struggling to get everything finalized as of late and could use some funding assistance to bring the trip to completion. Help us get married in Vegas.

Hello everyone, my name is Allison and on September 24th 2016, I received the best 30th Birthday gift and Devin and I, received the best 11 year anniversary gift possible:

A Trip for two to Las Vegas courtesy of a local Radio Station.

We could not let this trip fall through our fingers, so we decided it needed to be something memorable, we made a major decision that was going to be the focus of the trip:


We will be using the remainder of the trip as our honeymoon adventure.

We can not afford a Stag and Doe or a Bridal Shower, and we are not going to register anywhere local, so this is how we are asking for help. We are asking for adventure funds.

All funds will not go to waste. This is a dream opportunity that we wish to take advantage of to the fullest and our wish-list itinerary speaks to this and we need your help to create it.

We decided that the perfect time to travel was right before the trip was to expire (1 year from win date), which would fall right around our anniversary, it was perfect as it would allow us to keep it on the same day.

We our travelling September 17th 2017 to September 21st 2017.
We will be getting married on September 18th 2017
We have registered with Chapel of the Bells in Las Vegas. They have an inclusive package with travel.

With less than 2 months to go before we travel we are asking for your help to increase our adventure.

Thank you