US Marine Austen Truner Needs Help for PTSD GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign Booster

I’m helping a young, former Marine who has been homeless for a while. He suffered from prescription drug addiction, depression. He has been unemployed and need a warm and safe place to sleep. He sleeps in car which is very unsafe and very cold in the winter.

The funds raised from this effort will be used to rent a place for him to live.

Austen Truner is trying to get a new lease on life, he has suffered from PTSD, drug addiction, malnutrition, and unemployment. Now he is trying to get his life back on track, he got a new job driving for Uber, but he still doesn’t have a home to live because the money he makes is barely enough to pay for the car and insurance, most nights he sleeps in his car, and in cold nights he spends sitting in emergency rooms to be safe and warm.

Auten is very resourceful, and he makes the best of a very bad situation, he goes to the gym to take a shower, but his situation is not sustainable he needs a place to live and with the funds raised from this effort will pay for rent, food, and basic necessities while continues working and increase his earnings to maintain himself.

Your support means a lot to me because I want to help Austen, my heart breaks to see him homeless, he has served this country, and now he is in dire need. It is not uncommon to see former soldiers homeless in these situations, for whatever reasons they find themselves homeless and desperate, I believe that they deserve a helping hand, and I’m reaching out to all of you for help Austen come out of the cold, and get a warm and safe place to live.

I will be very grateful for any contribution that you make. Every single dollar will be much appreciated.

I’m also asking for prayers for Austen, for God to give him strength and courage, to not fall into deeper desperation

I hope that Austen’s story touches your heart, as he has touched mine.

God bless you all


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