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ELMWOOD PARK, IL Sunday October 21, 2018 — The Eazy One is a modified toilet tank that serves as a fold-down urinal and fully functioning standard toilet in one. The design intent is to provide a more effective and mess-free way for males to use the toilet when urinating.

The Eazy One is more sanitary to use,eliminates messes on floors and toilet seats, is easier to use, and conserves water.

The Eazy One would be an actual toilet tank, which would rest on top of a standard commode assembly. Rectangular in shape, the unit would measure approximately twenty-seven inches (27”) in height, twenty-one inches (21”) in width, and eight inches (8”) in depth.

Appropriate for use in both home and public bathrooms, the Eazy One could be made available in a variety of eye-catching colors, as well as utilitarian clear, solid white, or black. Installed at point of manufacture of toilets or as an aftermarket product that could be added to existing toilet assemblies, this accessory could be sold in bulk to accommodate a number of restrooms.

As mentioned, the product would be a fully functional toilet tank; however, the front of the tank would boast a pull-down door that reveals the interior of the Eazy One . This area would resemble a urinal. As the door to the tank covers the existing toilet bowl, urine would be directed inside the Eazy One , into its drain.

When finished, the door is closed, and the Eazy One automatically flushes the urine through the existing drainage system and via a water distribution sprinkler assembly at the inside top of the urinal. Just below the water sprinkler would be the soap container, which is filled with cleansing chemicals.

As conceived, the Eazy One would use much less water than a conventional toilet, resulting in significant water conservation, and thus making this product environmentally friendly. The Eazy One would provide a simple yet clever means for men and boys to neatly urinate in a common toilet, without ever having to put one’s hands on the lid or the seat itself. Consumers should appreciate that simply by opening the conveniently placed door to the tank, they can easily attend to their bathroom needs, closing it after use, causing the unit to flush.

Helping ensure that the toilet seat and the surrounding floor remains clean and dry, the Eazy One should be appreciated by all members of the household, male and female. A sanitary tool, this clever product would protect the user from coming into direct contact with the germs and bacteria that are often found on the underside of the toilet seat and lid. Easy to use, this unique product could prove an invaluable accessory in any home or public lavatory

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