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I have lived in Denmark since i was 9 years old. I have grown up here and i have education and everything here. I have been mentally ill at times from depression, that came from a abusive father. So in times i have hospitalized duo to my illness. In 2012 i made a decision to gi to my birth country to renew my passport, since it was out of date long time. Before i did so i talked with people in the government section if it was okay, and if i would get in trouble. They said it was ok and “don’t worry”.

So i went to my birth country, there i met my current wife. She got pregnant so i stay there to be with her, since i could not take her to Denmark at the moment. She gave birth to a lovely boy, and i waited to make sure she was ok. The after 2 years i choose to come back to Denmark and make things ready so she and my son could come here too. I had no place to live so had to find apartment, which i did. Did all this not knowing what had happened. I make the apartment ready, gave deposit, bought furniture etc.

I rented the apartment from a Turkish guy. So i had to gi and put my address to the new apartment. But they said there was a problem. So they gave me an address, and i went there. And to my surprise I was told i had been deported. Because i had been to ling out if denmark. A black cloud came over me. And not enough with that, the dude i have rented the apartment from, had sold it. It was set fir sale. And the new owner gave me 15 days to evict. And since i had no contact, i was lost. List my rent deposit. I had no where to save my bought stuff so i left ut in the street and garbage. And since then i have lost everything.

I am nit allowed to live in Denmark, i have no more money or had to start a life with my family. I have lived in the streets of Denmark since then trying to get a solution with no luck. My wife is in another country living around relatives. I have spent money on lawyers which have fooled me. Fir they have done nothing. I had a little cash, which i bought i pack of strong medicine. In case i give up. My life hurts, my heart hurts, my feet hurt. Somebody save us. Your help will help us start all over again in a new country to me. Since i own nothing. And we need a place to live and call home, my wife, son and me.

I beg you to help. You are always welcome to contact me at fa7@outlook.dk if you wanna talk or donate other ways.

I beg you for help

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