UCrime.com Launches First Crime Mapping and Alert Service for Colleges and Universities

2008-08-04 07:00:00

UCrime.com Launches First Crime Mapping and Alert Service for Colleges and Universities

    BALTIMORE, Aug. 4 /EMWPresswire/ -- UCrime.com today announced the first

online service to provide easy to read crime maps and automated alerts to

those who do or plan to attend, work for, have children in and live around

colleges and universities. The service, located at http://ucrime.com,

provides accurate data in near-real time and is available now.

    The service is free to members of the public. It allows students,

parents, administrators, public safety officials and others to view

reported crime activity on an easy to use map. Information is available on

the date, time, event type and location of a crime. Users can sign up to

receive alerts automatically via email if a crime occurs near a selected

school or schools. Alerts can be sent to desktop computers and mobile

devices, including iPhones. UCrime.com is also available on Facebook.

    Information on UCrime.com is obtained through police departments, daily

newspapers and other publicly available sources. The site incorporates "Web

2.0" technology to enable users to comment on particular crimes.

    "Social networking features make UCrime.com especially useful for

students, administrators and security personnel," said Colin Drane, CEO of

UCrime.com. "In addition to knowing what is happening where, users are

empowered to provide tips and ideas to help solve crimes and improve public


    UCrime.com, which shares information gathering and other technology

with SpotCrime.com, has crime information on 101 colleges and universities.

Additional institutions are added regularly. SpotCrime.com, which provides

the most accurate and comprehensive crime mapping available, allows

citizens to quickly access detailed crime information and alerts for 130

cities across the United States and the UK.

    About UCrime.com

    UCrime.com is a Web site that provides crime maps, automated alerts and

tools for user participation to help improve public safety around the

nation's colleges and universities. The site's timely and accurate

information is shared with SpotCrime.com, an online crime mapping and alert

service that provides information on 130 cities across the United States

and the UK. To learn more about UCrime.com, visit http://www.ucrime.com.

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