Top Reasons for Rejection

Top Reasons For Us Rejecting A Press Release

We accept about 95% of the press releases that come to us. However, there are some situations where we need customers to make a change before we distribute their press release.

1. They are written in ALL CAPS. They need to be written in regular sentence case and NOT ALL CAPS!

2. The press release is too short. You need at least 200 words. 400 is best.

3. No contact info. You need to list a “media contact” at the top or bottom of the press release. This includes a name and email or phone for the media to contact. This is essential.

4. Written as a sales pitch. Your press release needs to announce news, not pitch your product / service to the public. Please view other press releases on our site to get a feel for what kind of news can be announced.

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