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Thunder Country Trampoline is a world renowned Gymnastics facility, Family owned and operated by the Soehn Family since 1987, who have a combined coaching experience of over 100 years in Gymnastics, Trampoline & Tumbling, Circus arts, Parkour, Springboard Diving, basketball, football, track and field, and freestyle skiing.

Thunder Country Trampoline is moving to a new facility!

Moving facility’s is very expensive and we need to get some donations to help get some new equipment including a new state of the art Trampoline (which the bulk of the fund will be for) that will allow world class competitions to be held in the new facility.

When Thunder Country Trampoline first started operating in Red Deer Alberta, they actually built their own trampoline out of wooden 2×4’s which helped them win 4 provincial tites just weeks after beginning programing (sadly that trampoline didn’t last very long due to the high forces acting upon it)
Now years later, with many more Provincial, National, and even World titles under their beltThunder Country is looking to expand program offerings to better suit the needs of Central Alberta as well as the Canada’s National Trampoline Team and other Countries who would love to train with world leading Canadians.

Over the years all costs have been self funded, no government funding, sponsorships or fundraising has been used . Now we need some help.

Thunder Country Trampoline offers classes in
Trampoline, Tumbling, Circus Arts, Parkour, Stunt Training, Athlete Conditioning, and Private Lessons.
Birthday Party’s are now also available.

reward levels with gifts will only ship to a canadian mailing address.