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My name is Jenell and I am mother, wife, primary money maker and caregiver to four children and a extremely ill husband. Over the past 5 years Robert has had declining health, no reason was even given.His health has kept him in the hospital more than he has been home with his family.

This year alone he has been in the hospital all but about 4 months.

He has endured uncontrolled hypertension which lead to strokes, heart attacks, renal failure which required daily dialysis, aortic aneurysms which required surgery , recently one finally ruptured and we nearly lost him as his condition was so critical that he would not survive surgery, but by some miracle he survived and they were able to repair part of his aorta but once again he has started to decline. He has developed an abscess in his lung and is once again on a ventilator.

All these problems have required me over the past 14 months to take reduced hours at work or to utilize FMLA so that I could be at the hospital to make the life and death decision concerning Robert. Lack of income, mounting medical bills, just the cost of daily necessities have prompted me to do what I never thought I would, ask for help.

I thank you for any and all help which you give, and I pray you never have to go through