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Losing my house by landlord need money to buy it ASAP

I need money to pay off this house because my landlord increased the amount needed for rent and to buy it from them if i don’t get the money to buy it they will kick me and my dog out. Please help keep a roof over my head and support my GoFundMe at https://www.gofundme.com/f/losing-my-house-by-landlord-need-money-to-but-it For more info: http://gf.me/u/vxyx2j [thumb]http://gf.me/u/vxyx2j[/thumb]

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Cobblestone Wood House in the woods :)

I need your help I started this little project with my friends. We are building a small house in the woods that we could actually be able to live if we need to 🙂 Its like a childhood dream. I m child in my heart and need your help 🙂 We need money to buy some wood and roof. I ...

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Save My Home Stop Foreclosure and be a secret hero!

No long, moving, heartbreaking story that tugs at your heart strings until your wallet opens. My family and I are just dealing with life and it is kicking our butts. It seems as though our bills have bills that are all flooding in and we are drowning. Right now we still have a roof over our heads, but my house ...

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