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I am reaching out to support my family.

My name is Kemal Benyounes and I currently live in Tunisia.

Here, there are extremely limited opportunities for my employment and finances are limited.

My family has fallen on hard times.
My son is in need of treatment for a medical condition and we are entrenched in significant debt, making it difficult for my wife and I to care for our two children.

I am worried about the health and quality of life of both my family and myself. As a diabetic, I also have to consider my own health and the availibility of possibly life-saving resources.

I am looking to give my children the best chance in life but we feel stuck and we’re seeking out any and every option for a more stable life for all of us.

Please help out if you can. Donate or even just spread the word.

We appreciate whatever you can contribute. Thank you so much.

With love,
The Benyounes Family.

Please Support