Stop the Home Office visa scam!

I want to take the Home Office to court and make them accountable for people’s lives they are ruining. I haven’t seen my wife since January 2018.

Please see my petition on for full details, link below and it’s on Twitter @Garethfairburn1

The Home Office is running an immoral, unjustified money making visa scam. The Home Office thinks it is acceptable to keep failed visa application fees, I do not. The time it takes to apply for a visa and get an outcome is not acceptable.

If I wanted to join a gym or a golf club and the management applied the same application process as the Home Office does with visas and they kept failed membership fees under the pretext that it was for assessing the application, how long would it be before they were taken to court?

I am going to fight for the following changes,

1. I want the Home Office to stop charging people for visas they do not receive.

2. I want people who have paid for a visa(s) to be refunded including any immigration solicitors fees they have had to pay.

3. I want the Home Office to deal with visa applications within 31 days.

4. I want the Home Office to give the correct information on the website, there is currently a lot of information which is wrong on the website which is causing visa applications to be refused.

5. I want an end to the ‘Hostile Environment’ policy being applied to visa applications. You can’t sell visas and reduce immigration at the same time.

6. I want the government to stop breaching Article 8 of the Human Rights Act, the right to a family life when dealing with visa applications.

7. I want the government to stop splitting up families by deporting either one of the parents and to put family life first.

People and organisations who might like to fund my cause could include Solicitors, PPI refund specialists, there must be billions of pounds to be refunded over the years. The banks didn’t get away with bank charges or PPI so why should the government get away with taking people’s hard earned money and giving nothing in return?

All money donated will be used for legal costs but at the moment I have no idea of the costs. Any money left over will be donated to good causes.

I would like to appoint Dinah Rose QC who successfully stopped the government from charging Employment Tribunal fees.

Please spread the word.

Gareth & Josy