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Hello everyone i am trying to stay home too my family, so that i may be my moms caregiver. The reason is that my mom has a lot of medical problems that are incurable diseases, that are not seen on the outside that people can’t see them. She has vertigo really bad, She also has blocked arteries, and shes has been in the Hospital five times over the years. And now she has to see her doctor again to see if there’s any more blocked arteries.

She has trouble breathing at night and has too wear a respiratory machine and it don’t really help. She sleeps all the time and no doctor can tell her why. When she gets up she has shakes really bad and is off balance and she just falls, she forgets what she’s doing and forgets what was said to her. She can’t even drive to go get her medication so she does without . She has tried to ask for help and no one will help her no one cares .

She has asked to trying to get a service dog and can’t because it cost $5,000 to get one and dont have the money to get one so she is trying to train her dogs to do the stuff for . I am trying to stay home so I can be her caregiver.