SPEK – Passwords in the Palm of your Hand

Frustrated with the number of complex passwords you have to remember in the rapidly expanding technological world? The Spek Keypad is the solution! Spek plugs into your computer via the USB port and appears to the computer as an additional keyboard. But, when you press a single key on Spek, a complex sequence of characters is sent to the computer. This sequence is different for every key on every keypad. This means that passwords you create using your Spek require only a few keystrokes (2, 3 or however many you like) and generate long complex passwords that are unique to your very own Spek. For example, if you hit the keys 2, 8, 9 on Spek corresponding to the letters B-U-Y, Spek could send a password such as H8*b1Q0F$x9I@!2 to your computer. This would be ideal for an e-commerce site.