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I need someone to finance me or donate to raise a douwn payment. I am a retired veteran, served my country for 20 yrs. I raised 3 wonderful children while serving. It was a struggle causing me some credit issues. I can’t used my Veteran Housing Certificate because I need a certain credit score. I have hired serveral different credit repair company, some helped and some just took my money. I have been trying to buy a house forever. Every time the realtors come back with something else for me to straighten out on my credit report. I need help getting a house in New Orleans, La. My income is my VA disability and retirement check. Income for life. So if you have house in New Orleans that you don’t mind financing or one that need to be fixed up. If you have one here thats been abandon since Katrina. It would mean a lot to me to own a home. I am grateful for your donations and God Bless.