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I am certified through the V.A. as 100% combat related disabled with home care as a result of PTSD and other debilitating service connected issues that make it impossible to go out to visit my grandchildren and other activities.

I enlisted at 17 in the army and took training as a Combat Engineer. At 18, I was sent to Vietnam to the 23d Infantry Division (Americal) in I Corps, the northernmost section of Vietnam.

I was assigned to Hawk Hill, a Fire support/Landing Zone.We were almost constantly under attack, Rockets mortars, small arms and heavy Machine gun fire several times a day, including Fire Fights while attempting to build Fire Support Bases.

Part of this activity involved building and maintaining bunker lines.

(Areas surrounding the hill where we put Concertina (Barbed) wire and explosives etc.)

During this, we were inundated with and swallowed a great deal of Agent Orange, the cause of many of my serious health issues.

I extended my tour in Vietnam, spending almost twice as long in Combat than most (a tour was 12 months).

I mentioned the preceding information to explain how and why I am 100% disabled with statutory home bound status.

I want to be able to travel with my power-chair with Grandchildren to be able to enjoy outside activities with them.

I need a wheelchair Van to do this. I cannot do this without help.
The Vans are very expensive.

I would like to get a Van in the next month or so if possible.

This will improve my quality of life a great deal, and I will be eternally grateful for any help I receive.

Please Support