Severe Hemophilia Will Not Back Me Down Edgar Lopez GoFundME Campaign

Severe Hemophilia Will Not Back Me Down Edgar Lopez GoFundME Campaign

Hi, my name is Edgar Lopez, I am 20 years old with severe hemophilia. I appreciate to whomever is reading this for your time for reading my story.

Hemophilia is a medical condition in which the ability of the blood to clot is severely reduced, causing the sufferer to bleed severely from even the slightest cut. Since I was kid I always was in and out of the hospital, just for the littlest things, to a swollen ankle to a big bruise just received treatment.

In 2010, my doctors decided to recommend me getting a AV Fistula on my arm so I can receive treatment at home. Throughout my childhood I spent it at University of Illinois Hospital. Chicago, Illinois, being there during the holidays, it wasn’t easy accepting the fact that I can’t live a life I desire, but only to live it a certain way so I won’t be in the hospital.

(Compartment syndrome is a painful and dangerous condition caused by pressure build up from internal bleeding or swelling of tissues).

I had compartment syndrome on my left calf in the fall of 2011,that’s took about 6 months to heal completely and staying in the intensive care unit for 2 months at ICU and my left hand that summer of 2011. The following year 2012. I decided to go to Mexico and I ended up getting in a motorcycle accident that led me falling on my head first, turning out I had blood in my brain so I had to get an emergency flight back to Chicago, doctors saying it’s a miracle I survived the flight due to the pressure.

Then lastly my left thigh, summer of 2016, that took about 6 months also to close and a month in the intensive care unit. Having all these surgeries before I even went to high school, so most of my grammar school days were at the hospital. Then constantly having my right ankle swollen just for walking for a couple of hours, or with my right elbow, it will get swollen after I do too much activity with my arms.

So having a steady job isn’t as easy for me. I had to quit my job at McDonald’s due to my blood disorder, having to go to the hospital every week due to severe pain in my my right elbow and right ankle.

Due to joint damage to the tissue.But that didn’t stop from keep trying to work, so currently I’m doing ubereats for the short time. I have a baby girl on the way next month and I’m more than excited to become a first time father. I want to go back to school to pursue a career and make a life out of myself and show even with a disability, anything is possible.

As I seek for help, I also seek a job, I’ll rather work to earn my things but my body limits what I may do.
But thank you for your time for reading my short story, I appreciate your time for reading this and god bless.
Also can do face to face interviews, thank you.

My Facebook is Edgar Lopez
Instagram- edgar_bil
Thank you so much