Saving Kuma- the discarded bully

Meet Kuma-Woo, a 4-Month old male bully breed pup, who was brought into Kenhaven Animal Hospital located in Rockville, MD on Thursday, October 12, 2017 by his breeder whom he has trusted along his way during his short little life. The breeder did not bring him in to ensure he was a healthy thriving puppy, but to actually have him euthanized because he had eaten a tennis ball and it was stuck in his abdomen. Upon arrival Kuma met his saving grace; a tech by the name Jen who just knew she had to try to help this poor baby. She spoke with the breeder and begged to give her until the following afternoon to find a home or rescue for his dog, which the breeder agreed to. Jen put out the call for help immediately getting in contact with me knowing I try to find dogs homes all the time. Fast forward through a sleepless night worrying about the outcome of poor Kuma to Friday afternoon when the breeder surrendered Kuma. Within 1 hour Kuma was being prepped for emergency surgery to have the tennis ball removed so he can get back to his normal activities of an everyday puppy. Kuma-Woo has a set of paws on him so he may be a larger breed when he’s fully grown. He has one of the sweetest personalities and such a calm demeanor about him. A cuddly teddy bear, who can’t stop wagging his tail at anyone who looks at him. it boggles my mind why anyone could discard such a loving sweet pup like Kuma-Woo. His surgery today to remove the tennis ball, was a success and he will now be starting his recovery process and entering a local rescue program to find him the BEST forever home that he deserves! His surgery today was very costly, upwards of 3,000.00. Any help for Kuma-Woo towards his healing process would be greatly appreciated! Check back for more updates on Kuma as we know more about this amazing soul! His vet bills are through Kenhaven Animal hospital located in Rockville, MD. Contact Jen or Christine at 301-881-6212 at the hospital to send your much-appreciated donations & let them know you would like to contribute to Kuma-Woos medical bills! Thank you everyone, we could not have done this without you!!