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My daughter, Alyssa’s Mother passed from AML Leukemia in 2007. At just 2 years old she lost her Mother, sine before and especially after her remaining parent turned to the dark addictive side of life. Alyssa has been through extreme emotional abusive trauma dealing with drunk father and his abusive actions. Drunk driving accident and being made to lie to protect him and the fear of daily being driven by drunk parent and all that goes with this behavior. Alyssa just turned 12 years old and has been diagnosed with post Traumatic Stress and Emotional Abuse. After years of trying to save her and her older brother whom is old enough to now choose, I was able to save them. Alyssa was failing in school and 1 year in temporary custody with me is now on the Honor roll and involved in chorus at school and has a good base of friends now. Lawyers are expensive and I have drained my 401 k to pay thus far and ran up my credit cards but this on going drawn out court process has doubled what I have paid so far. She, I ask for your Help and Prayer so she does not go back to a abusive life and instead has a stable, loving, home and life like any child should have. I am eternally grateful for all the help we can receive. Alyssa deserves to sleep soundly at night and fear every moment of her life. My Sincere Thanks!