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I need your help!

Hi everyone! I’m Ann and I’m homeless. I lost my apartment last year in Los Angeles. Gentrification, higher rents and lack of affordable housing has lead me to where I am now.

I’m living in a homeless shelter. It’s my 3rd shelter and my stay here will be up in about a month and half.

I work full time cleaning homes, but it doesn’t pay enough to make ends meet and rent an apartment. I just can’t afford ridiculous high priced rents and I’m always told I need to earn twice the rent.

Unfortunately, the shelter I live in had no space for my car to park. A week ago my car was damaged (hit & run) and I can no longer use it to get to my cleaning jobs all over L.A. I can’t even use it to live in, in case I can’t find another shelter.

I’m not sure what to do at this point, but I’ve started a GoFundMe campaign to help me buy an RV motorhome. The one good thing about living rent free in a shelter has allowed me to save most of my money and I plan on using it toward buying an RV.

The GoFundMe campaign isn’t going well, as I have no friends or family who can donate and share my campaign. My cleaning job was my main source of income. I do a bit of online marketing, but it’s time consuming and not a proper income to support myself and 14 year old daughter. I also crochet flowers and sell them to anyone around grocery stores, churches, parking lots and just about anyplace people hang out.

I’m grateful to be healthy, living in a shelter and have my daughter with me. All we need is a place to call our own home, even if it’s an RV motorhome.

If there are any readers out there reading this, all I ask is for a $5 donation! If each person just donated just $5, imagine what that would do?!… And what if you shared this? It could save us from homelessness.

Thank you for taking the time to read my page.