Save John’s Home GoFundME by James Ridgway Campaign

This fund will be used to save my brother John’s home. He has fallen behind on his mortgage and will lose his home if he can not raise enough money to get caught up. He also has a need to make some repairs to the home.

I love my brother very much and do not want to see him lose his home. Also, since I live with my brother I have a vested interest in him keeping his home.

Then there are his 3 dogs, Max, Sampson & Delilah, they are his babies and there is no way that he could not have them with him. If he were forced to move it would limit his options because he would need to include them where ever he ends up.

With your help and God’s grace his home can be saved. God bless you all for help us in this time of need.

Merry Christmas

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