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The Unemployed Workers Centres were a national network, set up predominantly in the 70s. At the height of the movement, there were 300 across the country but funding remains an ongoing issue for many resulting in a Major reduction of active centres. There are now less than a dozen actually running.

SUCRC offers practical solutions to issues local people face. Examples such asthrough advice on benefits, links to credit unions and informal education sessions including community based workshops on subjects such as CV writing, English as a second language and confidence building.

We offer a range of support services for our community, including older people, people with disabilities, unemployed people and workers who are facing difficulties. We provide free and independent welfare rights advice and representation,as well as campaigning for the rights and being a Voice for those who are unemployed, on a low income or sick, injured or disabled by their work. We have been referred to as the “fourth emergency service”

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We support over 500 people to get benefits reinstated each year. Last year we recovered £507,393 for claimants.
We are seeking to raise £40,000 to keep our advice centre open.

During these past years of Austerity & Economic Climate funding has become more difficult to obtain.
The process has become lengthy & time consuming & there are limited funds to spread between the third sector across the country.

We now for the first time in 29 years have found ourselves in a difficult time financially & face the possibility of closure.

In 2015 some of our staff joined the walkingthebreadline FB page March from Wales to Manchester.
We have been mentoring them to form their own centre in Wales also. If successful it would be the first one in Wales in over 30 years.
We have the full support of WalkingTheBreadline FB page to help us fundraise and support the need to keep the centre here in Salford open as well as our intention to develope Tredegar.

You may have seen our Petition on Social Media :- End the current practice of illegally removing benefits from sick and disabled people.

The ancient legal principle that the Government is not above the law is being flouted by the DWP’s implementation of benefits sanctions. David (featured in our petition) had his benefits repeatedly sanctioned by Jobcentre Plus officials. This resulted in him being unable to control his diabetes because he had no money for food. This caused diabetic ulcers. These became infected and he had to have a leg amputated. All these sanctions were eventually overturned, but it was too late.

Please Support this Campaign

Please take a look via the link above.

Make a contribution to fighting David’s case and others like him to force the DWP to end its current practice of illegally removing benefits from sick and disabled people.

Any pledge of support is appreciated

Check out our updates for more information on what we do at Salforducrc.
Our web site is available here

“SUCRC has been a beacon of our community for many years…it’s a one stop shop for advice, welfare and a host of other services. Many of the council’s services refer clients to SUCRC…In these times of austerity their work has never been more important

Councillor Merry, leader of Salford City Council ”



Please Support this Campaign