Replacement Teeth Needed

I’ve struggled with bad teeth my entire life. My mother never took me to a dentist. As a senior in high school my front teeth were so bad that I rolled up bread and put them in the cavities on the front of my teeth.

I eventually had them filled by a dentist but the neglect through my teen years have left me with bad teeth in need of replacing. I currently use DenTek to fill the cavities on the back side of my front tooth and back teeth. I suffer from a mental illness and I’m collecting disability which does not provide dental assistance.

Recent need of a lawyer for a custody agreement and another for filing bankruptcy and my savings are gone. I’m afraid one of my front teeth could break any day.

I wouldn’t be asking if I wasn’t in tremendous need. I can honestly tell you that I don’t know what it’s like to smile with my mouth open. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.