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my name is Lamarric Thompson and just recently i had my baby cousin who is 1 years old removed from my home. She has been with me and my family since day 1 since she was just a few hours old. She is #10 out of 11 kids her biological mother has had and they all are in DHS custody all separated out. She has been with me her BIOLOGICAL grandmother and her blood cousin they removed her to place her with her 1 month old brother who she does not know at all so her and her brother can have a relationship , we were asked if we would take her brother in and of course we said yes but we had found out that he had a lot of medical problems that we had no knowledge of knowing when we would ask the DHS workers how to do this and how to do that we never got any answers we were scared that if we don’t know anything about how to care for him medical problems something could happen to him and we didn’t want that to happen we told them that we have a lot of concerns and they took it as if we didn’t want him which wasn’t the case we had questions that would not get answered we would love to have him with us we are his family but it didn’t work out that way . She and her brother was placed with a non relative family and we fear for their safety and we have had no contact with them at all to know if they are okay. This has torn my family APART we have been trying to get money up for an attorney because we don’t feel that this is right at all for her being removed from our home under no bad circumstances she was very well taken care of she was always going to her doctor appointments she was very loved by all of us she was a happy and loveable baby and so smart for her age . She is all we know she knows no one else but us her family and we feel that they have uprooted her of ever knowing her biological family and knowing her history . We are fighting our hardest to get her back home but we don’t have the necessary funds to do so. This is NOT right at all .She has been with us for a whole 13 months and it was not in the best interest for her being torn away from all the people she knows. So we are begging if you could help out in any way it would be greatly and whole heartedly appreciated anything I mean ANYTHING will help out even prayers will help us. We just want our baby back home where she belongs it has torn her apart and us as well. We appreciate everyone for your concerns it’s just a tough time for us right now we’re trying to fight as much as we can. Thank you for taking time to hear us out God Bless you all and please keep us in your prayers ❤️