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I have had five different surgeries… With hardware in my back screws, a cage, titanium disc, nerve damage. I have several different conditions besides being hit head on in a car accident and then being diagnosed this year with rheumatoid arthritis, and unconnective tissue disease, motility disorder and vitamin D deficiency. I had Knee and shoulder surgery this year… and I still need a knee replacement ..All my joints are deteriorating.. I have been on disability for almost a full year And I’m still awaiting permanent disability to be approved… I now have to pay for cobra in order to keep insurance which is going to cost me almost $700 a month, besides my other bills and the 17 medications and the doctor visits… And now I am about to start IV immunotherapy because the four rheumatoid medications (I’m on still not working very well) and procedures on my neck and back. I’m in much debt and I have no other options. I can no longer work.



As of 10-30-18 : After major back surgery almost 5 years ago, with hardware in my back, then injured when hit by a woman who had no insurance a year later and then two surgeries within the past year; I have now developed several autoimmune diseases RA and UCTD (unconnective tissue disease), besides other diseases I have already had for years; all for which I have been having and still needing procedures and surgeries including needing a knee replacement… Along with the autoimmune disorders, I have a motility disorder for which I am going to UCLA for treatment…I had to live at my brothers for two years when I had the back surgery, in order to make it.. I was out of work then for a year. I’ve now been on disability twice in the past year and half; out for six months and recently over six months and about to lose my health insurance.. I now have to start IV immunotherapy; Which is every two weeks and then every six weeks after that; and a procedure on my neck for nerve damage in two weeks… And in a couple weeks, if I can’t pay for my insurance, I will not have any health insurance.. cost $700 a month. I am already on over 15 medications-including (waterpills, prednisone, 3 RA meds, pain meds) which are not working completely; which is why I need immunotherapy along with them. I have exhausted all options, and am in extreme debt. I was denied permanent disability due to errors, so now I am applying for an appeal. I’ve tried to survive… And now I am in that place. I would appreciate any help.

For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/surgery-again-help-pay-bills