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I am rescuing a cat colony that became feral. Since July 2016 I have rescued over 57 cats for waiting homes. I’m close , 8 more adults to go but of course they are the most clever at eluding me. I have have 11 of their last group of kittens in protective capture getting vet care and pending homes. I have transported the cat rescues all the way to New England for good homes. I’ve never charged anyone a dime. I’ve spent a lot and desperately seek help with some care and transportation costs. I will be attempting to start a non profit group called REAP (Rescue Every Animal & Person), but for now I am an individual. I did have campaigns out for each rescued cat but decided to merge all my efforts into one campaign. Please visit my Fb web page listed as Rescue Every Animal & Person and like it. If you can’t give money, prayers are great! Thanks!