Production of Owning Your True Self GoFundME Viral CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

I’m filming a self funded web series called “Owning Your True Self with Tisha Michelle. It will be on e360tv and Amazon Prime Video. Filming starts in New York on October 8 and 9. With goals of being picked up by a network. In a world of false equivalencies of happiness and content, I cover various topics with guest such as gratitude, people pleasing, being alone, self acceptance, speaking your truth, responsibility, soul vs ego and more. I take the viewers through an eye opening journey with insight from guests, narrative, and illustrations. Outcome is to enlighten, empower and inspire others to live a life of authenticity. Ultimately co-creating your own reality.

I have already paid to get this started but still have a balance left to pay. I am offering sponsorship opportunities if anyone is interested in learning more. I have created this campaign with hopes of getting some contributions towards the funding of my web series as well as attracting some sponsors. I thank you in advance for helping to bring this to life.


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