Police strangle innocent man Police & government corruption GoFundME by Michael Townsend

My name is Michael Townsend. Firstly, my YouTube Chanel is – mike Liberty 000 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2oB94FHXNaN8Vd2THnUNDg and my twitter name is – beautiful savages or https://twitter.com/libertyoooo

I fell into the hands of this officer strangling me due to him telling me that if I do not help him put our new neighbour in jail he would throw me in jail , he did just that after he strangled me , then the cover up starts , this officer strangling me is claiming he was mentally unwell , the police that cover this up are not mentally unwell , 18 months ago I attempted to take my life ,It may well be that Officer Barry Wellington was is unwell , given what he done it would be logical to accept he was is unwell, officers like his Superior officer inspector Owen hortz are not unwell and others like Sargent justina Macintosh etc have no mental illness to blame for their actions.

I have made a YouTube channel to showcase material I have in support of my allegations, inclusive of the latest letter from the parliamentary crime and corruption committee.

I need the funds to sue the police here in qld and uncover and bring down those who have crushed me and my family and others in qld , my material includes video and audio of police.

I have undergone a forensic phycologist exam and that report states no sign of delusion , it was asked for by the premier of qld , I have taken a Polygraph test and scored 96% which is as hi as it goes , I have good police behind me as well , the real crime is being covered up and my life destroyed to do it.

Officer Barry Wellington maybe mentally unwell , if so why was he active and in procession of a gun , inspector Owen hortz and his boss commissioner Ian Stewart are trying to cover this up at the expense of my life , what has happened over the last 4 yrs is nothing less then criminal in design , from deaths door.

I now rise and fight , for my children your children and or someone you love , please help me youtube – mike Liberty 000 to see the material I have and thank you for your help


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/police-amp-goverment-corruption