Please help us with our fur babies GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

We need your help. my sober husband has cirrhosis of the liver he was tod a year and a half ago his liver was failing within 3 years he would need a transplant.Im on a fixed income.

We love with my 82 yr old mother-in-law. Shes in her first stages of dementia. We have 15 dogs most of them showed up abandoned starving abused alone. We took them on as our family. We also have 7 cats ,6 parakeets,2 turtles, 2 rabbits & a silkie. unfortunately a reverse mortgage was taken out on the house by my sister in law 5 years ago as she was my father in laws payee.

No one knows where the money went . My mother in law wants to sell the house to pay off the loan. At that point myself and my husband and our babies will be living in our truck. The house needs major work from the foundation to water leaks flooring painting you name it.

We beg for help before God takes either my husband or Mother in law home.

In Jesus name amen

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