Please Help Us Save Nana’s Eye GoFundME Viral CrowdFunding Exposure

Nana is a beautiful 8 year old rescue Husky mix loved dearly in our household. She started having problems with her eye about a year ago, we have taken her to the vet several times to have it tested only to be told “they can’t find any reason” for the enlargement and blindness in one eye.

It truly never seemed to bother her or keep her down in any way until a few days ago. Whatever was happening behind her eye (possibly a tumor) causing it to bulge out the way it was has seemingly burst and is now bleeding regularly and hurting I ur poor baby so much!

The vet is suggesting we take her to a veterinary opthamologist in Pittsburgh to have the eye removed and sewn shut but it’s going to cost us a few thousand dollars. We are asking for your help, to save our girl’s eye and possibly her life! We honestly don’t know what we would do if we lost her so early, especially if it was something we could prevent, she’s such an important member of our family and has so much love and sweetness to offer the world.

Please only donate what you can, if we can get enough people to rally behind Nana, together we can make sure she lives the full life she deserves. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts !

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