Please help Roger Pyron continue to fight cancer.. GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

Hello everyone. This fundraiser is for Roger Pyron.
Roger is battling lung cancer and until now has been paying out over $16,000 a year in out of pocket expenses for medications, doctors visits. Some of the medication is not paid for by insurance and the cancer medication alone is $1263.00 a month. Last month Roger had a blow to his finances and will no longer be able to afford these amounts.

I am Roger’s wife and I am working, but I do not make enough to pay for all of the medication he needs to continue to fight to stay with us. He has been the light of my life for over 26 years. He has worked since he was 15 and continued working until he had no choice but to quit. He has spent his life taking care of our family including 6 grand kids which he calls the best thing ever. He is always encouraging them to excel in all that they do and assures them that they can reach any goal that they set their minds to and to never give up on that goal. They are now encouraging him not to give up.
I am not one to ask for help for anything but can’t see losing my husband of 26 years because of pride so I am putting our personal life out there for the first time.
All money raised will go towards medication that the insurance does not cover, medical expenses and equipment that he needs to continue to be here with us for as long as he can.