Please Help Jodi Olivas Griffin GoFundME Viral Exposure Campaign

It all started 2 years ago…Jodi started getting sick all the time and hurting very badly. We thought it was just his back giving him trouble so he went and had it looked at. They ended up finding a mass on his right kidney and it was cancerous and had surgery to remove it. Jodi has started feeling sick again and his one remaining kidney is shutting down on him, it was at 50% but in just 3weeks has gone down to 38% and will be starting dialysis and be on the transplant list. He has the stupid Obamacare insurance and it won’t cover even a small percentage of the cost. If you know Jodi he is such a hardworking caring individual and would do anything for everyone. We have two year old twin daughters who love their daddy very much and need him in their lives for a much longer time!! We never ask for help, but Jodi is fighting for his life and we are all scared of what could happen. Please if you could help contribute to his medical costs to help us get through this and get the help he needs, please help. We appreciate everything, even the smallest change will help…we need Jodi to be around for a long time!! Thank you and God Bless all of you…even if your not able to help, thank you for taking the time to even read this.