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Nancy and Don have been trying for children for the past 15 years. Surprise and success! She is finally pregnant! However, her age (39) has come with complications of pregnancy including gestation diabetes, gestation hypertension, and asthma all induced by the pregnancy. Don is currently unable to work due to health complications (surgery), and her job is only guaranteed 12 week leave. With already having complications, doctors state she will have to be on bed rest before her maternity leave. As everyone knows, more complications can come about further down the road during labor which calls for an extension for time off (which she cannot get with FMLA). We have taken it upon ourselves to ask for help for the Cummings Family and their little miracle. Having raised (and still raising) her neice and nephew, as well as fostering pets to spay/neuter and adopt out, she cares and gives more than you know and still gets up in the morning for her busy tiresome days. Help this momma have a smooth pregnancy!!