Perfman® Introduces v7.0 Featuring a Web-Based Executive Dashboard and Reporting for IBM PowerVMTM Systems New Features Help IT See, Track and Predict Capacity and Performance Throughout the



2008-03-31 15:00:00

Perfman® Introduces v7.0 Featuring a Web-Based Executive Dashboard and Reporting for IBM PowerVMTM Systems

New Features Help IT See, Track and Predict Capacity and Performance Throughout the

BETHLEHEM, PA–( EMWPresswire – March 31, 2008) – Perfman today announced the availability of

two major additions to its popular cross-platform systems management

solution: the PointView Suite of Executive Dashboards and powerful new

reporting features for AIX® and Linux® on IBM.

PointView Executive Dashboards

The Perfman PointView™ module allows IT and non-IT professionals to view

resources by service, line-of-business, location, application or

user-defined categories, such as time-sensitive events, to be in sync with

a company’s short- and long-term business delivery and planning cycles. The

product’s user-based roles feature provides focused access, to allow a

specific audience to participate in problem identification and remediation

or to further improve productivity of specific business activities.

PointView also provides automatic, integrated service level exception

reporting, to quickly identify current and future problem areas, including

high level views of hundreds, or even thousands, of heterogeneous systems.

The dashboards are available via an intuitive, web-based interface for fast

and flexible navigation with rapid drill-down, from high level to system

level detail, for quick issue isolation and subsequent remediation.

Furthermore, PointView is integrated into the Perfman solution and can work

in tandem to produce comprehensive cause/effect relationships and new

approaches to solving problems.

“This release is designed to help eliminate the myth that IT investments

and operations cannot be evaluated in ways that are relevant to the

business,” stated Lance Roncalli, CEO Perfman. “We think of PointView as a

gateway through which the IT function can become fully integrated into a

company’s business.”

IBM PowerVM™ Reporting Features

For AIX and Linux on IBM environments, Perfman for UNIX provides a complete

set of intuitive, sophisticated capabilities. It allows CPU utilization to

be viewed from either a virtual or physical perspective, and generates

accurate reporting for AIX and Linux virtualization on System p logical

partitions (LPARs) whether dedicated or shared.

Some of Perfman for UNIX’s features include: centralized, enterprise-wide

management regardless of operating system or geographic location; an

easy-to-use desktop interface that can install in hours; fully automated

analysis and reporting with an integrated web publishing option; and

cross-partition monitoring to allow physical views of the server and its

partitions. Perfman for UNIX also includes Perfman Analyst, a powerful

Microsoft Windows®-based analysis tool that simplifies access to charts

and tools using an intuitive Navigator and Data Selector.

Perfman for UNIX, is part of the Perfman solution suite of offerings,

designed to improve the productivity of valuable administration staff

through knowledge-based analysis and automated report generation and


“At Perfman, we are experts at resolving issues to achieve IT

infrastructure excellence. In fact, we’ve been doing exactly that for over

twenty years,” adds Roncalli. “The evolution of our offering, from legacy

systems through virtualization, gives our solution unmatched credibility in

a marketplace filled with newcomers.”

Availability and Pricing

Perfman version 7.0 is available immediately for complex environments that

include any combination of PowerVM™, VMWare®, Windows®, UNIX®,

Linux®, AIX®, z/OS®, CICS®, DB2®, Tape Libraries and Oracle®.

Version 7.0 includes the PointView module and all reporting capabilities.

For more information on how to purchase Perfman directly from the company

or through one of its authorized value added resellers, call 610-865-0300

or visit

About Perfman

Perfman is a leading provider of cross-platform systems management

solutions that enable IT departments to be more proactive — providing a

planned, sound methodology for data collection, analysis, modeling,

implementation, monitoring and reporting. The company offers a single,

integrated solution for rapid and cost-effective management of the entire

IT infrastructure, including virtualization, without months of planning,

difficult implementation, or additional staff. For over twenty years,

hundreds of clients have experienced significant cost-savings, better IT

infrastructure intelligence, fewer surprises, and more forward thinking

plans. More information is available at

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For more information on Perfman, please contact:

Lance Roncalli
(610) 865-0300

Francine Carb
Markitects, Inc. (agency)
(610) 687-2200 x 301

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