Peregrine EAV-C1. Electric Aerial Vehicle FREE Crowd Funding Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

Awesome, the first ever crowd funding 3-some campaign, and you my friends are part of it. 3 areas of development, 1 goal… we introduce the Peregrine EAV-C1 project.
This project is about you:
1. increasing your chances of survival during an aircraft crash, and
2. adding you green footprint towards a cleaner, greener means of traveling and ultimately a healthier living environment for all.

It is also about:
1. job creation,
2. lower maintenance cost that can be filtered towards lower air fares
3. quiet operations, allowing peaceful sleeping when you stay next to an airport.

The 3 for 1 consists of
1. a distributed power generation system,
2. an electric propulsion system,
3. a safer airframe than currently in the market and the beauty of it all should one of the 3 areas for whatever the reason fails, the remaining 2 can still be implemented. However, FAILURE IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE AN OPTION.