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For those of you who know Bud Surles you know he is a great man. He is the father of 3 girls and 3 sons-in-law. A grandfather to 7 grandchildren, husband, pastor and friend. He has spent his life serving others. As a pastor Bud has held the hand of many sick and dying people. He has laughed and cried with people, grieved with families as they buried their loved ones and rejoiced with them when a miracle happened.

Bud is also a businessman. He works tirelessly to provide for his family. Bud’s typical work week before this tumor would be to hop on a plane on Monday morning, usually visiting multiple states (and sometimes other countries) during the course of the week and then returning home to his wife on Friday.

When his symptoms started he was in China doing business there. While there he wasn’t feeling well, but in spite of that did his job without being a burden to anyone, hiking through mountains to get to the job sites.

We are so thankful that he made it home safely.

After experiencing severe headaches he was life flighted to Idaho Falls, ID. On June 4, 2017 Bud was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Surgery is not an option so please pray that the radiation and chemo that he will be starting kills this tumor.

This is an aggressive tumor which is why we need our friends to be PRAYING for a miracle.


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The week in the hospital was spent in ICU which is going to be very expensive. Bud does have some insurance but only 80% of his costs will be covered. He will be starting radiation and chemo immediately. The radiation will be 5 days a week Monday through Friday for 6 weeks. It is a 180 mile round trip for treatments. During this time Bud’s time at work will be cut drastically so his income will decrease.

This fund will be used to pay for the treatment and medical expenses not covered by insurance. It will also be used for incidental expenses (travel to and from radiation, lodging, food etc..) and loss of income that he will incur over the course of his treatment and recovery.

If you are able, please donate what you can to help restore Bud to full recovery and to manage the extra expenses that will come their way. His responsibilities are many, as a person who has positively influenced countless people through the years. Bud does everything with integrity.

His life has been spent leading others to Christ. Bud is not fearful about this process. He believes in miracles as we all do. He has been more concerned about his family through this then about himself. He is a selfless man who would never ask for help himself, which is why I have started this campaign.

He only wants to show the world the love of Christ and is gracious in all that he does. I pray those of us who know Bud or care about helping him to fully recover, will choose to help, so he can return to a full life serving others.

If you are not able to give monetarily, your unceasing prayers for the tumor to be completely eradicated, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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