Pain relief treatment for Zarah GoFundMe

Zarah Angelica is a little girl that has been born with the Aicardi syndrome . And also been diagnostic with many other types of illness, like Westsyndrom – Biliary Atresia etc

The Family has already been told that Zarah Angelica probably would not survive the first or the second decade, and that the development will probably stop at any time. For infantile spasms, mortality is within the 3 first years of life 61%.

And now they try do anything to slow down a negative trend. And this is what they need help with.

The cost of the Medicine here in Norway, for this treatment is about $1500 -$2000.
And that is for one month only, the Government wont support with anything.
(That is still a fight that’s ongoing September 2018)

This is an ongoing fight for them, day and night… all around the year.
To fight her pains, get correct treatment, and also fighting the State. This cost money, this cost a lot of energy.
That’s why we do try help out this Family and little Zarah, so little help from each of You out there will make a BIG different

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