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The farm is situated about 70 km North of the capital of Zambia, Lusaka, just off the Great North Road going to the Copper Belt. Currently the farm size is 1747 Hectares under Title Deed. The location and layout is ideal for a Game Lodge and Game Protection Area. Our ultimate goal is to restore this former game farm to it’s original glory and continue to improve it on an ongoing basis.

The farm is in need of a complete make over and major repairs to infrastructure. The Adventure Camp that will be developed for children all over the world to attend is a green project and will be started from the ground up. The camp will provide a week long “course”in survival, game ranching, fishing and comprehensive education in the importance of conservation to ensure a future for generation to come. We urgently request volunteer donors to assist us in the various projects.

The commercial side of the farm will take the shape of a lodge and game farm. Secluded chalets will be put up all around the farm each with it’s own watering hole without seeing or even hearing your neighbor. The premise is back to the bush so all chalets will have almost no modern gadgets and life will be simple and laid back to ensure well rested patrons after their time with us. The farm will not allow any commercial hunting and therefore is a protection area. Protecting game against poachers is an ongoing and very expensive venture but for the survival of species this is the price we have to pay. Any surplus income from the lodging side will be put back into the local communities as well as expanding and sponsoring the farm operation including sponsorship of the schools or individual children attending the Adventure Camp.

In the light of today’s society our children becomes more and more city bound and don’t appreciate the finer things in life. At OPOA we will spend valuable and quality time with the children to ensure that they walk away with a better understanding of life and with boosted self confidence. Therefore we will be promoting this worldwide to ensure we can reach the maximum amount of people to share our little Piece of Africa. Zambia is one of the safest countries in Africa with no threat to any of the inhabitants and visitors. Zambia actively promotes tourism and agriculture.