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Every year as the holidays approach, families around the world gather together to celebrate with festive decorations, feasts of all flavors and varieties, and often also an exchange of gifts. What’s very easy to forget during these times of feasting and celebrating is the fact that there are so many families in the world that are struggling just to put food on the table for the kids. Holiday gifts and elaborate parties just aren’t in the picture for them.

I’m going to share a little bit about my own past that I don’t share with many people I meet today. While I am now blessed by the love of God, and still struggle to hit a certain level of success in my life, I’ve not always been at this level of financial comfort in my life.

I was a child in a family with seven children who had serious financial problems for most of my childhood, especially after my dad passed away. My mom had to take care of all of us by selling cookies in the street to provide food and education. Raising seven kids wasn’t an easy thing with dad-less support. My mom decided to put 3 of my brothers and sisters in an orphanages, and soon they were adopted to three different families in Europe. That was a very hard decision. I remember Mom crying all night after my sisters an brother were put in the orphanage.

Christmas came around and there was very little (if any) money for presents or celebrations. I remember as a young boy before my father passed away, on Christmas occasionally my dad would build some toys made with wood as he was a carpenter. He would build some very nice cars. I wish I could have saved pictures of those car, and you can see how creative my dad was. Not every kid has a dad like my daddy.

To this day I wonder what I can do because I believe Christmas is about love and charity. I am hoping that I can find wonderful people to join me in giving to others what I was never able to receive. Your donation will bring the Christmas spirit for families and kids today who are in circumstances like my own, where simple survival takes all of your resources, and you simply have nothing left to make the holiday magical for your kids.

We are partnering with Espere Community Counseling Center, an organization that works to provide mental health awareness and support throughout Haiti, and help us with our psychosocial efforts to relieve suffering. Espere is registered in the United States, and all donations are tax deductible through Espere’s 501c3 status ( 501(c)(3) 81-4161926 ).

Visit or donate directly at If you are interested in hosting a toy drive or other event, feel free to send me a message.