OMG!; court set bail @$700k for NBA star's brother caught shoplifting.

OMG!; court set bail @$700k for NBA star’s brother caught shoplifting.

NBA superstar’s brother, Tribal Court Judge- both Black men jailed without bail for non-violent offense 2 victims killed by White offenders released; no bond.

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 10, 2022 /– State and Federal courts of California’s Bay area have ruled on a handful of cases over the past week that raised new questions on whether racial injustice or systemic racism is being applied by white judges to allow Caucasian murder defendants pretrial release without bond yet have denied bail to black defendants alleged of non-violent offenses.

Caucasian Murder defendants.
In September, a white male (Mac) fatally ran over an Asian male with his car after an argument. Alameda County Judge Morris Jacobson, released him from jail without bond while pending trial for murder (

Another incident reported a suspected DUI driver in Pleasanton killing an African-American man while returning from a nightclub in San Jose last month. ( Caucasian suspect was released from police custody and has not been charged by the local justice department.

The black-Muslim defendant of non-violent offenses.
Costanoan Tribal court Justice, Cary Lee Peterson, an African American-Muslim male from San Jose, was arrested without probable cause per a citation, complaint, or indictment. On September 15th, Peterson was abruptly arrested on warrants for arrest, and search and seizure of tribal properties at his South San Jose residence. These warrants were purportedly issued in August- a month before the September 15th arrest and raid. But the San Benito County’s sheriff did not present copies of the said warrants until several hours after Peterson’s arrest and home invasion that was curiously accompanied by the FBI.

This incident happened less than one month from when the Costanoan Indian Tribal Community of Indian Canyon served federal subpoenas from the U.S. District Court on San Benito County officials ().

San Benito County’s hoax charges against Peterson that never made it to court rebirthed probation issues from a federal securities charge in New Jersey that Peterson petitioned to be expunged last year.

Peterson’s (non-violent) legal past caused United States Magistrate Judge Nathaniel Cousins to order Peterson to be detained without bail due to Peterson’s newly-appointed tribal judgeship being a ‘threat to the community (“an abuse of power to commit fraud”)().

Presently there has been no evidence of abuse of power or fraud filed by the Government concerning Peterson’s employment with the Indian tribal community.

Last year Judge Cousins had been involved in Peterson’s lawsuit against the Bay Area’s U.S. attorney (Peterson vs. Hynes).

This past summer Eric Payton was arrested for shoplifting a hygiene product at a Target store in East Oakland. Court records show that the NBA superstar’s brother was first booked on robbery charges with a demand for a $700,000 bail. Weeks later the court denied bail altogether.

In 2020, Payton, who had served a 30-year prison sentence for murder and robbery, was released after his murder conviction was expunged.

Likewise to Tribal Court Judge Peterson’s situation in San Benito County, Payton’s non-violent allegations of shoplifting have resulted in him being held in jail without bail by a detention order issued by Alameda county superior court, Judge Gregory Syren. (People of California vs. Shanon Scott Hill, a.k.a. Eric Shanon 220-C.R.-6504).

Court Order – Nathanael Cousins- U.S.D.C NDC (United States of America vs Cary Lee Peterson, Case No. 22-cr-0338 BLF) ()

Federal Judge in California Passes Baton to Costanoan-Chualar Tribal Government in Lawsuit Against
Non-Indian Offender ().

Judge releases Oakland murder defendant in a case where prosecutors allege he deliberately ran over homeless man (​​

Suspected driver arrested, then released in Pleasanton crash that killed East Bay man (

Court Order – Edward J. Davila, U.S.D.J. (Sayers-Roods, et al. v. Machado, Case No. 22-cv-03092-EJD, Doc. No. 52, Aug. 22, 2022) ()

Court Order – Edward J. Davila, U.S.D.J. (Sayers-Roods, et al. v. Machado, Case No. 22-cv-03092-EJD, Doc. No. 38, Jul. 8, 2022) ()

Federal Subpoena – San Benito County Counsel Barbara Thompson (Sayers-Roods, et al. v. Machado, Case No. 22-cv-03092-EJD, Doc. No. 45, Aug.4, 2022) ()

Federal Subpoena – California Highway Patrol (Sayers-Roods, et al. v. Machado, Case No. 22-cv-03092-EJD, Doc. No. 49, Aug.5, 2022) ()

Amended Abstract of Judgment- Judge Gregory Syren- (People of the state of California vs. Shanon Scott Hill, a.k.a. Eric Shanon 220-C.R.-6504).

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